With resources like Amazon and Yelp, today’s e-commerce experience is relied heavily on reviews. Ironically enough, I noticed that a vast majority of ZUCA’s online information wasn’t found on their website but rather avid reviewers on youtube. I noticed a trend between youtubers was how they liked to organize their belongings in their ZUCA bag, each one specific and special to their everyday needs. I think it says a lot for a company and a product when buyers decide to make video reviews out of their own enthusiasm. With that in mind, I wanted to give the audience a voice and create a campaign that paid homage to them.

What’s In My ZUCA is a campaign that was developed to pay homage to enthusiastic buyers and followers of ZUCA. It is a campaign that celebrates diversity, functionality, and was designed to establish personal connections to the brand.

Strategy Overview — How do you organize your passion?

For this campaign, I wanted to demonstrate ZÜCA bag’s diversity in functionality, to spark intrigue, and to help followers establish personal connections to the products. Images will have supporting content depending on what we want to market.

The Objectives

  • Increase brand awareness via website, print advertising, and social media
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Drive shoppers to social media and e-commerce site

The Process

With the four products I was assigned, I created five personalities accordingly (two alternate personalities for one of the products) and actively went out and sought props I felt fit each person I developed.

 Stylist Case (1 prop shot) — Blair “The Blogger”
Blair was the personality created to represent the stylist case. With its chevron print, the stylist case was designed to cater to a more feminine market. Per the marketing director, the goal was to design a personality that was neat, expressive, and feminine. I drew from other brands layout and looks for inspiration.

Large Stylist Case (1 prop shot) — Amanda “The Industry Lady”
The large stylist case was designed for ZUCA’s beauty product line. The goal was to emphasize organization using minimal but cohesive colors.

Travel Organizer (2 prop shots) — Troy and Madison “The Trendy Nomads”
The goal was to cater to the trendy travel market.

Tech Case (1 prop shot) – Connor “The Techie”
The name speaks for itself 🙂


Advertising, Art Direction, Design